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User Onboarding

Onboardsaas helps customer success and product teams onboard users and boost product adoption. It guides new users through your product, reducing time-to-value. It also helps existing users explore new features and understand user behavior throughout their journey.

Product Analytics

Onboardsaas provides robust product analytics to comprehend user behavior throughout the product journey. Generate custom reports to address product inquiries and analyze user sentiment at scale. Understand user feelings with contextual Microsurveys.

Simple Setup and Use

Onboardsaas is simple to set up and use and does not require any dev – which means instant publishing. It allows teams to trigger the right onboarding experience to the right persona at the right stage of the user journey, code-free. Unlock the power of Onboardsaas and create powerful contextual onboarding experiences.

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Nick improved New User Activation Rate by 10% in 1 month

“On Board SaaS helped Nick improve their first and second run user experience. He saw a 10% increase in user activation as well as improvements in 1-week retention.”

Enhance your tech stack with seamless integration of On Board SaaS

Effect integrate data from On Board SaaS with other tools while seamlessly retrieving valuable insights from your CRM or analytics platforms. Empower your segmentation strategies with enhanced precision and power.